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Cześć Warsaw!

sharan heer2 Comments
Cześć Warsaw!

The unpredictable weather called for an easy and breezy look to leisurely stroll the historic streets. A black-n-white, chevron printed blouse paired with a soft colored sweater coat, a choker necklace and studded flats created a polished yet edgy silhouette.

Blouse: Nordstrom | Coat and Flats: Zara | Handbag: Phillip Lim | Necklace: Nordstrom

Spent two weeks in Warsaw back in October at the prestigious and luxurious Hotel Bristol which is absolutely spectacular! An old style with modern amenities; the heritage property is set right next to the Presidential Palace and is an easy stroll to the ornate streets of the Old Town, the symbolic Warszawa Mermaid, and the glorious Royal Castle.


The Must List 


  • Old Town Market Place with its pastel colored, gothic architecture and the historic Syrenka Warszawska (Mermaid of Warsaw) sculpture
  • The Royal Castle, situated right in the Castle Square may not seem so fascinating with its brick exterior but the interior is lavish and charming.


  • My favorite traditional polish cuisine must eats are definitely Pierogi dumplings, potato pancakes, mushroom soup, and pork dishes!
  • Warsaw's food scene includes a nice variety of cuisines. When you need a break from traditional eating, be sure to visit Thai Thai for some heavenly Thai yumminess.
  • Lody! A variety of gourmet ice-cream parlors topped with all sorts of deliciousness can be found in every corner!


  • Exquisite Baltic amber adornments for its healing powers and to add some oomph to your looks.
  • Premium Chopin vodka to commemorate the great Frederic Chopin, a Polish composer whose name is found practically everywhere in Warsaw. Even the airport (Warsaw Chopin Airport) is named after him!